20 Facebook Post Ideas for Small Business

The Southwest Minnesota Small Business Development Center recommended an excellent article – 20 Facebook Post Ideas Your Small Business Fans Will “Like” – on their Facebook page today that we thought we’d pass along!

A few other articles may interest you on this same site – 

Snapchat  – If you use Snapchat to market your small business, you can either post content to your story, where anyone who follows can see it, or you can communicate with people individually.  But now there’s a new option for businesses to consider.  Snapchat unveils custom Stories check it out at this link!

Facebook Live With:  Now you can Invite a Friend on Your Livestreaming Adventure.  Business Uses for Facebook Live With –  Live With lets you post messages to the entire group or private notes to an individual; giving you the ability to privately share a message within the live stream – and more… with a link for Live With Tutorial – for adding members and collaborating right away!  More information link!




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