Local Digital Media Presentations

At the 2015 Annual Big Stone Area Growth Meeting, we asked three local businesses to given a presentation on how their business is utilizing digital media tools.  Very interesting  presentations!

First, we have Jeremy of Pro Image Partners who talks about their relatively new on-line store.  Jeremy talks about their first year – and even though their first year did not provide immediate returns – he shares how it has expanded and continues to grow.  Dan Kafka (owner of Pro Image Partners along with Brenda Kafka) is known for his constant review of the latest technology and gadgets – he is always looking for a new way to reach and serve their customers!
Check out their website:  www.proimagepartners.com

Next, we have Artie Arndt of Artie’s Bait and Tackle who talks about their very successful use of Facebook (he also uses WordPress as his website).  Artie’s Bait and Tackle has been quite the marketing machine for Big Stone Lake!
Check out their Facebook Page

Next, we have Rachel of The Furniture Shoppe in Ortonville.  The Furniture Shoppe is a very recent Facebook user and is working on their WordPress Website.  Rachel attends the Social Media Lunches which are held every month.  (the lunch and learn is free to business – RSVP needed – and a new digital media tool is presented every month – for more info click here).  It was great to hear the impact that their business has had since going online – Thanks Rachel!
Check out their Facebook Page

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