Tourism Assessment Begins

June 13, 2013….
BSAG’s application has been selected!

The University of Minnesota Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships and the University of Minnesota Tourism Center were seeking five communities to participate in special tourism assessment project over the next 18 months.

This project will help small communities (Under 1,500 pop) across Minnesota discover opportunities to develop community assets for sustainable tourism.

Why should a community participate?  Communities participating in this project will gain a deeper understanding of their tourism potential of their tourism potential and will discover ways to develop opportunities.  The program will help community teams consider their tourism potential from several perspectives – from tourism experts, visitors and self-assessment.  Using this information communities can develop these opportunities and create action steps to move forward.

What is a Tourism Assessment?  This project uses the Tourism Assessment Program (TAP) to guide communities through a process using inventories, data analysis, epert consultation and community discussions.  Through these efforts, communities identify and assess their local assets.  The program also helps communities consider several dimensions of sustainability:  economic, environmental, and social.